Tanya Gabriele works at the intersection of creativity, technology and consciousness. After working for several years in technology, communications, and fashion, her path led her to something unexpected and rather different while living in Europe and traveling: Having been raised between cultures and disciplines, her curiosity, love and fascination of different cultures and the way their beliefs impact society as a whole and individuals through the collective consciousness led her to study ThetaHealing®, a modality that uses a simple yet powerful meditation technique with its founder, Vianna Stibal, a global spiritual leader. She has also studied contemporary tools of transformative depth psychology suited for this particular time. As a certified ThetaHealing instructor, Tanya is grateful, honored and passionate to teach the art of ThetaHealing simply because it is amazing and life changing. She has witnessed countless miracles - a shift in perception - in her own life and that of others, as well as physical healing. As a Belief Empowerment Specialist she also offers personalized transformational programs for individuals who are ready and committed to change. 

She works with individuals from a variety of disciplines internationally with a specialization in the fields of creativity and technology. She has worked with influencers, founders, CEO's, tech engineers, executives, as well as artists, designers, actors, and just people who want to become better at this thing called life. Some of her favorite people to work with are the skeptics - who once are shown how to tap into source and use it - become believers and co-creators

She is a Milan-New York City- transplant based in San Francisco.

She was born and raised in the Bahamas.


ThetaHealing Master & Certificate of Science