“There is no mincing her words or misunderstanding her approach;

Tanya gets right to the point and then removes the thorn.

In my mind there are two sides to the personal advancement battle: establishing your obstacle and overcoming it. 

Unlike most everyone else, Tanya attacks them both and gets you results right away. 

Our work has helped me peel away layers, smash blocks that I didn’t know existed, and plot a course to an even richer potential than I’d imagined. 

She is a ticket to freedom and fulfillment! Don’t miss the opportunity to work with this gifted soul.” 

 - Michael M.

    Film Producer & Activist. Los Angeles, California

This session will usually combine different tools rooted in ThetaHealing to go dig deep. You will gain a better sense of self and walk away with insight into the origin and nature of the subconscious limiting beliefs that are blocking you from achieving the results you desire. You will be introduced to the work and experience it first hand. The cost of the clarity session can be applied to the 3 or 6 month packages, if you wish to begin an empowering transformative journey.

To request a free consultation or to book a session, please contact:


BeliefEmpowerment Session, 90 minutes

Classic ThetaHealing. Replace limiting subconscious beliefs with empowering new ones.

Work through an immediate situation at hand in love, life, or work. Over the course of one month, we will do one 90 minute session per week that will reveal and explore a deeper understanding of what set up the dynamic that’s now surfacing in your life. We will begin clearing, shifting and transforming it to a higher state with a new out look and perspective to move you forward. You will get the support you need to take the empowered action, realize and ultimately complete the cycle of the spiritual lesson you’re being given the opportunity to learn.

ThetaHealing: 45, 60 or 90 minutes

For those seeking a new energy and changes that comes with integrating new beliefs, the three month journey is a gentle yet highly effective and powerful way to do this. We will fully identify limiting beliefs, replace them with empowering beliefs, and move to new ways of being in the world. This is an exploration of self, dynamics and patterns. You will gain a greater sense of clarity, awareness and empowerment. You will learn tools to use and work with. You will also have the option to learn a revolutionary meditation technique called ThetaHealing® through a three day foundational course that is practical and powerful, perfectly suited for the hustle and bustle of every day life which will change your life, allowing you to change your own beliefs, manifest, create desired change, enhance your creativity, open and increase your intuition and reduce stress.

3 Month Deep Dive Clearing

Services available via Skype internationally or in person in San Francisco

1 Month Exploration

Set up a free 20 minute consultation to find

out which program is the best fit for you.

For committed individuals seeking a deep, personalized transformational journey who are ready for change. For those wishing to learn and incorporate tools to take with them on or after our journey to guide, support and assist them for the rest of their life, they will also have the option to learn a revolutionary meditation technique called ThetaHealing through three different level courses, allowing you to change your own beliefs, manifest, create desired change, enhance your creativity, open and increase your intuition while reducing stress. 


6 Month Transformational Journey

1 (weekly, or every other week) 90 min session for 12 weeks

1 (weekly or every other week) 90 min session for 24 weeks

1 weekly 90 min session for 4 weeks

For personalized programs or consultations, please book a discovery call.

“For more than twenty years the best way out for me was always head on, in the fast lane, excessively compulsively forward when it came to work, play and relationships. Always extreme highs and even lower lows from elation to despair and back again.

It wasn't until I met Tanya who saw right through me, who stared fearlessly into what I thought was an abyss and revealed to me the wellspring that exists within me and all of us and to help me break this cycle.

Tanya helped me realize through her sessions why this “do or die” approach to life has been a fundamental part of my identity and what also steps I could take towards, real empowerment, long term healing and true change. She helped me address issues and traumas and rediscover my internal compass to find the way out towards joy and fulfillment.

It’s a process and I can’t think of anyone who I trust more than Tanya to guide me through this journey. She is patient, inspiring, generous, loving and discreet. "

 - Turner Mojica

         Partner, Ronnie King Music. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

“My work with Tanya has completely changed my life. It has been one of the most powerful and transforming experiences that I have had.

In our very fist session, I felt the transformation within me, and for the very fist time I immediately felt the healing, peace, love and acceptance I had been searching for. Something inside of me completely changed. I felt once again reconnected with with myself, with God.

Everyone around me noticed the change. I feel lighter, happier, at peace with a deeper understanding of self. The connection with my faith has become easier, clearer and stronger.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the work we have done together.”

- Katy E.

         Former Trusted Advisor to Royal Families in the Middle East.     Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“My experience with Tanya was transformational.

I have experienced the peacefulness I had been longing for.


It has felt like waves of unconditional love washing over me, releasing old patterns and behavior, creating space for new possibilities.

Tanya is a beautiful and gentle spirit with a rare gift. Anybody who has the opportunity to work with her is truly blessed. 

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to explore a deeper understanding of self.”

 - Martine B.

        Professional Dancer & Fitness Model. London, England

“When thinking about how to describe my journey with Tanya I find myself speechless.

Tanya has brought so much insight and peace into my life by delving deep into my core soul belief system.

She is able to unlock the subconscious mind by asking all the right questions, which she does with so much genuine love and patience.

The awakening and healing that I am able to discover and accomplish in just one session is truly remarkable.

Tanya is the definition of Intuition. She is the real deal. Tanya has such a beautiful and special gift, which I encourage you to experience for yourself.”

- Lexie Galante

         Actress. Los Angeles, California