I help people become who they need to be and get to where they need to be. I show them what they need to change in their life to move them fast in work, life, love, purpose, ideas and creativity .

I also teach them REAL TOOLS to change their life based in a unique revolutionary meditation technique at the forefront of the future itself.

As a Belief Empowerment Specialist, I guide individuals to their true potential through a combination 

of different techniques rooted in ThetaHealing® science. 

This includes clearing limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones, working with the inner child, working with different 'parts', along with accessing different spaces, regression and more.

  • Life and work empowerment
  • Love and relationships
  • Life or career transitions

The areas I specializes in are:

The work is deep, innovative, effective and beyond the limits of traditional methods.

A Unique Technique for the Modern World

As a ThetaHealing® Instuctor, I teach a meditation technique and modality that is simple, yet incredibly powerful and practical to help people get better at living this thing called life. It differs than traditional mindful techniques or monastic styles of meditation which can be difficult and time-consuming as they were designed for monks - not ordinary individuals. ThetaHealing is an ancient technique rediscovered that teaches individuals how to actively access different states of altered consciousness by entering into a theta brain wave in instantly - the same brain wave cycle that traditional monastic styles were designed to reach. The technique utilizes theta, delta and gamma brain waves making it very comprehensive.In this altered state, the ThetaHealing meditation technique teaches you how to access source energy through focused thought and intention to co-create your reality, access your intuitive abilities, identify and clear limiting beliefs, and actually heal the physical body. 

Simply put, it is meditation that is super-powered.

"There are some people that can merely help get you through the ebb and flow of life, and then there is Tanya, not just getting you unstuck, but opening up your eyes and bringing you to your fullest potential. 

She delves into the core of who you are, reveals subconscious beliefs and predispositions, and re-programs your thinking. It's often more comfortable to hide, ignore yourself, or stuff your face with comfort food (my fave), when your life becomes off or when the stresses become too unbearable. 

But trust me, fully knowing and healing has been the most liberating experience, and it showed personally and professionally. I am forever grateful for having met Tanya, because how you view the world after you meet her is as if you are a different person, having shed your old armor. 

The DNA 1 class was mind-blowing, and as I continue the others, it is consistently rewarding to be able to know Tanya and these tools. 

People always ask me how I got to where I am, thinking that success and happiness were by-products of material and external things- but I would have to say it was Tanya, and being open, so that light can crack open the darkness."

- Emily L. San Francisco, CA

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